Pupils hear about rape and consent

Salt River High School pupils discussing what they learnt.

Salt River High school pupils heard about rape and sexual consent from various organisations on Tuesday.

The Western Cape Missing Person’s Unit (WCMPU) non-profit organised the event for the Grade 11s. Rape Crisis, Spencer Road Clinic and Woodstock police also attended.

Rape Crisis volunteer Rene Johns said parents did not always talk about sex and consent with their children but such conversations were important and needed to be seen as normal. “If it is not normalised, the youth may have different perceptions around sex,” she said.

She spoke to the children about rape, how to report it and where to get counselling and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

WCMPU project manager Shariefa Job said: “We don’t want children to think that violence against women and children is normal. We want this cycle to be broken where violence is carried out into adulthood.”

Rape Crisis volunteer Rene Johns speaks to the pupils.