Promenade responses

John Lazarus, Sea Point

Does Brian Joss want to get me killed?

I am in my 80s and use my electric unicycle on the Sea Point Promenade to travel to various places
such as the Waterfront or to Three Anchor Bay where I SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) (“Electric vehicles a danger on promenade”, Off My Trolley, May 2).

Does he want me to ride in the road, where I have a good chance of getting killed? Or does he want to ban electric vehicles completely?

I often walk my dog on the promenade or use my electric unicycle on the Sea Point Promenade with my dog.

I delight in seeing everyone who uses the promenade freely, walking or on their skateboards, bicycles and unicycles, an extremely festive atmosphere where everyone is having
fun except for
Mr Joss.

Does Mr Joss want more regulations (which usually result in more corruption)?

Does he want us not to use the promenade at all or does he want more policing?

What does he want?

Any restriction of usage of the promenade will be a step backwards.

Perhaps that is how Mr Joss walks instead of looking where he is going.

Mr Lazarus is attacking the messenger.

He should be posing these questions to the City of Cape Town who do not have the political will to enforce their own regulations: they can’t even monitor the disabled bays properly, and to Helen Parry who was referring to the people who behave recklessly.

I am sure Mr Lazarus is a law-abiding and responsible person who is aware of the citizens having fun on the promenade and takes suitable measures to prevent accidents – Brian Joss, Off My Trolley.

Dr AG Dalvie, Crawford

I agree absolutely with what Helen Parry has expressed in the article.

Myself and my wife often go for a walk along the Sea Point Promenade on Sunday afternoons. I can tell you from experience that the cyclists are a real danger to those walking along the pathway.

You do not hear them approaching from your rear. A sudden step sideways can result in a collision between cyclist and pedestrian.

If these bicycles are allowed why does the CCT not mark a dedicated lane on say the inner side of the pathways for these cyclists. In this manner they will be restricted to one side of the pathway and not come at full speed dodging between those that are enjoying their walks.

I am making this recommendation and hope it could assist in overcoming at least one aspect of the issue.