Project Orange helps nourish children

Centre for Early Childhood Development programme manager Bridget Kahts, Ruben Richards Foundation creative director, Daniel Richards, Michaela Ashley, Yusrah Ehrenreich and Chanel Fredericks.

Children across the city will get a Vitamin-C boost, thanks to a project distributing free oranges.

Project Orange was launched to boost the immunity of people in poor communities during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Ruben Richards Foundation partnered with the Centre for Early Childhood Development to distribute oranges to more than 200 principals and the young children at their preschools.

A half truck-load of oranges arrived at the Claremont centre on Saturday August 8 and principals came to collect the bags.

The initiative started in May and has so far delivered four million oranges nationwide.

Citrus producers in the Olifants River Valley agreed to donate the oranges to the Ruben Richards Foundation for distribution in vulnerable communities.

Daniel Richards, the foundation’s director, said they had to find a way to process, package and transport the oranges across South Africa.

Project Orange calls on all South Africans to sponsor an orange for 50 cents.

Mr Richards said in honour of Women’s Day they wanted to celebrate the women who worked in early childhood development, looking after future generations.

“Our mission is to boost the immune systems of vulnerable communities affected by Covid-19,” he said.

Faiza Rahim, from Jumpstart Preschool and Educare, said they would hand out the oranges at her feeding scheme as the preschool was still closed.

There were many hungry children in communities and she was grateful to help in any way she could, she said.

Theodora Lutuli, from Khanyisa Nursery and Inkwenkwe Educare in Nyanga, said not everyone had money to buy vitamins and they were thankful for the donation. The bags they had been given would be dropped off at various centres in the area.

“This is a blessing for our community. Covid-19 has shown us that we are all vulnerable and could become infected regardless of your background.”

CECD programme manager Bridget Kahts said: “We’re excited to celebrate the inspirational women in early childhood development, and work to get Vitamin C-packed oranges to ECD centres and their young children. Please support this Women’s Day campaign by contributing 50 cents for as many oranges as possible.”

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