Pro-Palestine march at Rondebosch Common

Pro-Palestine protesters on the Rondebosch Common.

Around 200 people attended a pro-Palestine peaceful demonstration at the Rondebosch Common on Thursday May 27, accusing Israel of human rights atrocities.

The demonstration was organised by the UCT Palestine Solidarity Forum (PSF) and was attended by religious leaders, school pupils and Rondebosch residents.

UCT PSF president Anwar Adams said they stood with peace-loving South Africans and with the Palestinian people in the struggle against “apartheid Israel”.

Sheik Riyah Walls, of the Rondebosch East mosque, said the protesters should continue to show their support and solidarity for Palestine until it was free.

Dr Peter Hammond from the Reformation Society in Newlands said it was important to stand up for Palestinian civilians. “You can’t be shooting at civilians, blocks of flats and killing innocent people. It is totally unacceptable,” he said.

Members of the UCT Palestine Solidarity Forum, from left, Sadhana Moodley, Matthew George, Thameenah Daniels, Mogamat Imaad Abrahams, Roomaan Leach, Aaliyah Abrahams and Faieq Gamiet.
From left tertiary education students, Zahra Atkinson from UCT, Siphelele Magingxa from Afda and Madeline Valiquette from Varsity College supported the peaceful demonstrations.

• Salt River residents organised a peaceful pro-Palestian march from Salt River Circle towards the Shelly Road, sports field, on Saturday May 29. More than 150 people marched in the rain, including the Salt River Heritage Society (SRHS), the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and South African Jews for a Free Palestine.

SRHS vice chairman Anwar Omar said: “As an organisation, we look at the impacts of gentrification and displacement at home and what is happening in Palestine is a more direct and aggressive displacement.”

PSC chairman Martin Jansen said: “If we are serious for any change to be done towards the plight of Palestine, then much more is needed to be done against the powerful enemy.”

Pro-Palestine demonstrators walk down Salt River Road, Salt River.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign chairman Martin Jansen speaks at the Shelly Road sports field in Salt River.
Nasreen Abader sang We Will Not Go Down – Song for Gaza