Power corrupts

Alan Maher, independent candidate, Ward 59

Lord Acton observed that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

The veracity of this observation is proved almost daily by the DA since its hegemony became unchallenged when the ANC self-imploded in the Western Cape.

The DA has conducted itself in a manner that evinces complete contempt and disregard for the very people that voted it into power since it faced no challenges to its power.

Residents are now simply seen as voting fodder, and the DA-led City of Cape Town has become completely unaccountable, and there is no sign of openness or transparency.

Requests for even the most basic information are habitually turned down (if you ever get a response at all) and DA ward councillors have made it abundantly clear that they are loyal deployees, who follow instructions and will not risk their perks and salaries by standing up for the concerns of the very people whom they supposedly represent.

The DA may as well change its name to the “Developers Alliance”. While there is plenty of talk of “state capture”, Capetonians have yet to fully realise that the original DA was itself captured by various elements from the New National Party, Freedom Front and carpetbaggers such as Patricia de Lille, who could never garner more than 5 percent of the vote.

The result is an unresponsive and undemocratic organisation that does as it pleases at local government level, but what subsequently occurred is even worse: the DA, in its turn, was captured by developers and anyone who has paid any attention to what has been going on in the last couple of years will be well aware that, “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

It is now apparent that the DA is even prepared to act unlawfully and unconstitutionally to keep its donors happy and the party in clover.

(Local Government MEC Anton) Bredell has yet to explain why he changed the zoning scheme with the full knowledge that he was acting unconstitutionally and contrary to the provisions of the Executive Members’ Ethics Act.

The result has been the derogation in the value of family homes across the peninsula and the approval of plans for, inter-alia, student residences smack in the middle of residential streets, with units as small as 28 m² – substantially smaller than an RDP house.

I would therefore urge residents to think very carefully before they vote on Wednesday August 3, as they are in a position to use their ward vote to send a very clear message to the DA that it has lost residents’ trust ,and that they will no longer be taken for granted once every five years.

There is an alternative at local government level, which is not really viable at any other level and that is to cast your ward vote for an independent candidate. I would urge voters in Ward 59 to look at my Facebook page Ward 59 Kenilworth/Claremont Local Elections 2016, and consider what I have to offer as an independent candidate.