Pools open for summer

The Trafalgar swimming pool re-opened.

The Trafalgar swimming pool re-opened last week, just in time for summer, after a three-year closure for renovations.

The R3.1 million renovations include switching the main pool from a scum channel flow to a rim flow, removal and replacement of all the circulation pipe and the upgrading of the filtration plant.

Ward 115 councillor Dave Bryant said the pool had been one of the first issues his constituents had raised with him when he had taken office in 2016.

“At the time, I thought, great let’s fix up the pool and thought we could do it in a six-month turnaround time.

“But we later found out that there were many more challenges. But the end product speaks for itself, and we now have a world-class pool in our community, for the people.”

The residents of Woodstock and surrounds could now swim in their neighbourhood without having to trek to the Sea Point or Long Street pools.

District Six resident Nadiema Safter, said the Trafalgar pool was the only one she knew but it had not seen improvements in the 40 years she had used it.

“I followed up with the ward councillor and as the renovations went on, I would pop by regularly just to check on the progress,” she said.

Ms Safter said she was proud of the new facility and the work the City had done to restore the pool.

“To have such a facility in a disadvantaged area, shows the City’s commitment to the community and its decision to keep the entry prices as it was before,” she said.

Malikah Sampson brought her family for the opening and said they had been very excited to see the new facility.

“It was long overdue, but the City has done a good job in restoring it,” she said.

Dr Zahid Badroodien, mayoral committee member for community services and health, said: “We have yet to hit the peak of summer, so there is still plenty of good weather on the way for visitors to enjoy the new-look facility.”

He appealed to the community to help look after the facility, keep the area clean and report anti-social behaviour.

He said the City was working hard to restore the Newlands, Bellville, Ravensmead and Elsies River pools, saying.

“I come from Athlone and know how important it is to have access to such facilities,” he said.

Trafalgar swimming pool can accommodate 750 visitors and will be open daily between 10am to 5pm until the end of the Easter weekend. Three lifeguards will be posted at the facility during operating hours. The opening of Trafalgar swimming pool brings the number of facilities open to the public to 30.