Police warn of car battery thefts in Rondebosch, Rosebank

A car battery stolen out of a vehicle in Rondebosch.

There has been a spate of late-night car-battery thefts in the Rondebosch and Rosebank areas, police say.

At least five cars have been targeted since the start of the month, according to Rondebosch police spokesman Warrant Officer Lyndon Sisam.

There was a battery theft in Ednam Road, Rondebosch, on Monday November 1; two thefts happened in Guildford Place, Rosebank, on Wednesday November 3; a fourth battery was taken in Lower Nursery Road, Rosebank, on Thursday November 4, and a fifth, in Oakhurst Avenue, Rondebosch, on Saturday November 6.

“In the morning, the victims returned to their cars to find their bonnet wide open and the battery and even battery terminals stolen,” said Warrant Officer Sisam.

In some cases, the car’s bonnet was popped open using the latch underneath it, but in others, the car’s door was forced open so the perpetrator could get to the release lever inside the vehicle.

“We advise vehicle owners to use a battery-safety system like a crossbar or lock or a lock box to lock the battery in. In addition, some vehicle-trucking companies have a battery-tampering-alert option that will inform you when someone is attempting to remove your battery.”

Police believe more than one perpetrator is involved in the thefts. No arrests have been made.

Police and private security would be on alert and would monitor the trend to see if it continued, said Warrant Officer Sisam.

Anyone seen loitering in front of parked vehicles after dark should be reported to Rondebosch police at 021 685 7345, he said.