Police on the walk for a safer first day of school

A Woodstock police constable takes some senior pupils through a safety routine as part of the stations safer schools campaign.

When the school doors opened on Wednesday January 17, the new constables from the Woodstock police station were there to welcome the pupils back as they embarked on a school safety walk throughout the precinct.

The constables were out in full force, walking from primary to secondary schools within their precinct to ensure safety around the schools.

Woodstock police spokesman Sergeant Hilton Malila said the initiative was part of school-safety campaign.

“Walmer Primary and high schools were visited and members interacted with the newcomers, senior students and principals,” he said.

The officers cautioned the pupils on how to stay safe when travelling to and from school. “Members also spoke about substance abuse and the dangers around criminal activities and its consequences,” Sergeant Malila said.

The campaign will run throughout the first term.