Plotting Salt River’s history

To many, Salt River may simply be a suburb located close to the CBD, but to those whose roots are in the area, it’s a cultural melting pot with significant historical value.

Residents are therefore hoping to pool their resources and put Salt River on the historical map.

Community members, led by ex-Salt River resident, Shabodien Roomanay, are in the process of organising a project to document Salt River’s history through stories shared by those in the community. This project will record the history of the area to ensure its vibrant roots do not diminish.

Mr Roomanay, who was educated at Kipling Street Primary and Wesley Training College in Durham Avenue, is now calling on interested residents to contact him by emailing their contact details and availability to him to assist.

“There is uncertainty about the exact location of the Salt River and how it acquired its name. Many well-known personalities, sports clubs and community organisations have their roots in this area. People who fought in the struggle hailed from this area.

“The suburb was the hub for industrial activity as the railway industry was located in and around this area to service the needs of the steam locomotives. We will now be looking to organise a first meeting of all those who are able to assist and are willing to share some time and expertise towards the project,” said Mr Roomanay.

Mr Roomanay said the project, which will possibly culminate in a book, will record the history of Salt River’s people, institutions and clubs so future generations will have an understanding of the community’s contribution to the region.

The project will require many hands and minds to assist in getting the idea off the ground and Mr Roomanay is appealing to residents who may have retired and those who have information about the area and artefacts such as photographs to come forward and help plot the history of Salt River.

Interested residents can email Mr Roomanay on