Pensioners’ rebate deadline extended

Pensioners and people with disabilities can still apply for rebates until the end of November.

The City extended the deadline for applications from August after there was a marked reduction in the number of approved beneficiaries. At the end of August there were 28 753 beneficiaries, compared with the average of nearly 32 000 in previous years.

Rates rebates for senior citizens and people with disabilities are granted between 10% and 100% to qualifying applicants where the monthly household income is between R4 000 and R15 000.

Residents who qualify for these rebates can also access the subsidised Lifeline Electricity Tariff provided their consumption remains less than 450 units per month.

To apply, residents need to collect and complete an application from walk-in centres or downloaded from the City’s website. Residents must include the following with the application:

Proof of income for the owner and spouse/partner and three months’ original, printed bank statements for all banking accounts

Copies of ID of owner and spouse/partner

Copies of lease agreement if you own additional property

Proof of pension

Proof of investments or dividends

Proof of usufruct/habitation/executor/administrator or curator

Proof of trust document and income of all beneficiaries

A copy of the applicant’s ID and proof of income for all owners if the property is registered to multiple owners

A copy of the applicant’s (person residing) ID and proof of income for all other members if the property is registered as a close corporation

A copy of death certificate or will, if applicable

Any other documents that City may deem necessary

The forms can be emailed to or posted to: Revenue Department, City of Cape Town, PO Box 655, Cape Town, 8000. If forms are being submitted by post, a certified copy of your ID book or other proof of identification is required.

Rebates will remain valid until the next general valuation in June 2019, or there is change in gross household income, after which time residents will need to

Any owner who meets all the criteria for the first time may apply to receive the rebate from the date that the City receives the application for the remainder of the validity of that valuation period.