Peace walk in memory of Gandhi

The great granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, Professor Uma Mesthrie, cuts the ribbon to start the Gandhi Peace Walk at Rondebosch Common which celebrates the 150th year since the birth of Gandhi.

Close to 200 people attended the Gandhi Peace Walk at Rondebosch Common on Sunday October 13 to celebrate 150 years since the birth of Mahatma Gandhi who was born October 2, 1869.

The peace walk was organised by the Cape Hindu Cultural Society, with support from sponsors and permission given by the City for them to stage the event at the Rondebosch Common.

Professor Uma Mesthrie said her great-grandfather believed one’s mind and body were connected. “Your actions were determined by how you look after your body, so walking was important to him, it fit in with his holistic philosophy,” she said.

Sharmila Deyar said she found the crowd very enthusiastic and the walk had been peaceful — as the organisers had intended it to be.

The vice-chairperson of the Cape Hindu Cultural Society, Dolat Makan, said the walk was but one way in which Gandhi’s legacy was honoured.

Another was the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Gardens unveiled last month as part of the Ardene Gardens in Claremont and the City of Cape Town will unveil a life-size statue of Gandhi in the near future.