Payphones halt road upgrade

Out of use Telkom payphone boxes on the corner of Ave de Mist and Milner Road, Claremont.

Derelict payphone boxes have halted the upgrade of verges in Claremont.

Ward councillor Sharon Cottle said beautifying the verges and islands in her ward was nearly complete except for the corner where the throwbacks from the pre-cellphone age remained standing.

“The one on the corner of Ave de Mist and Milner Road is now nearly completed, the only obstacle is the Telkom payphone box standing in the middle of the verge,” said Ms Cottle.

The Tatler visited the corner last Friday, March 1 and found two out-of-use payphone boxes with no phones or wires or connections.

Ms Cottle said she had been in contact with Telkom since February 7 and up until now, nothing had been done.

“The box is still standing there and my roads department has an incomplete job card that is now outstanding for a month,” said Ms Cottle.

Those are not the only unused Telkom payphone boxes in the area. There are another two boxes lower down Milner Road and near the Cleveland Road traffic circle.

Telkom spokesperson Noma Faku said they were in the process of moving the payphones.