Pay attention to masks

Dave and Jen Levene, Claremont

I have enjoyed reading the Tatler for many years and seen and ignored a number of gaffes, but this time I feel that I must comment on your layout on page 15.

The headline reads, “Parks open but don’t forget masks” and right next to that is a photo of two people sitting in a park without masks.

How do you justify that?

We constantly see and hear talk of the press showing responsible leadership and then you show a total disregard for public safety.

We also see on TV government ministers conducting interviews either without masks or with there noses uncovered.

This sort of bad example reflects
poorly on the people in public office who should be setting the very best way to protect themselves from this terrible virus.

I’m grateful to readers like Dave and Jen Levene who take the time to share their views with us and comment on the work we are doing.

While this headline was worded as such during the proofreading process, to specifically draw attention to the picture in question, and the importance of wearing a mask in public, we can understand how this may have been misinterpreted by readers.

Keep safe, wear your mask and sanitise –

Chantel Erfort, editor.