Passing the baton

Westerfordian Grade 12s start their first lap around the field for Slog day. They are, from left, Jordan Morris, Hanaa’ Khanyisa Toefy, Cameron Matthew, Mikaeel Arnold, Max Osse and Ryan Jones. Slog day, held this year on Thursday February 15, is a biennial event designed to unify and integrate the pupils at Westerford High School. Classes compete in a massive relay race, with pupils passing their oddly-shaped batons – whether beach-bats or dustpans – from one classmate to the next. The eight hour-long event – six hours for juniors – is, to many pupils, the highlight of their Westerford experience. Slog lasted deep into the night, with the overall winning class running a total of 732 laps, the equivalent of 146.4km.