Own up

I was waiting in my car for my daughters outside their school in Oakhurst Avenue, parked on the verge, off the street facing towards Campground Road on Friday November 18, at 1pm when I heard and felt scraping against my car.

I stuck my head out the window to see a woman in a car with two youngsters driving extremely close to my car with her passenger side-view mirror scraping against the rear driver’s side of my car.

I called to her to stop as she was damaging my car, and her response was “Well I have to get past”.

She then proceeded, with her passenger holding her side-mirror in to avoid further damage.

She was so close I had to duck back into my car, getting out when she had passed to check the damage.

As I thought she would do the same I did not take down her number plate or even see the vehicle type (appeared to be a white hatch).

However, she disappeared up Oakhurst Avenue towards Campground Road.

As it is a very busy time to be in that location I believe she was fetching youngsters from one of the surrounding schools.

The paintwork on my car was damaged in this incident.

I respectfully request this lady to come forward and take ownership for this incident, which was witnessed by others.

I can be contacted on 072 782 4861.

Thank you.