Optic illusion

Rod Palmer, Rondebosch

I support Bruce Phillips’ opinions on the chaotic installation of fibre optic cables all over town (“Furious over fibre failings”, Tatler, December 7), but I challenge the disingenuous response by Mayoral committee member for area south, Eddie Andrews.

Mr Andrews does not deal with the complaints in any way whatsoever, but seems to be trying to absolve the City from any responsibility. If “standard process and specifications” are issued to contractors, surely the City is ultimately responsible for ensuring that those are followed? Having the contractors appointing their own consultants and then not monitoring how the work is done is irresponsible.

The verges which have been decimated by the fibre contractors are in the street reserve, which is owned by the City, so surely the City should be looking after its own property?

If a developer or house-owner wants to build a carriage-way crossing from the street to their property a process to obtain a permit to do that work has to be followed, with details complying with the City’s standard specifications, The fibre contractors appear to have been given free rein to do whatever they want – and in some cases newly-laid asphalt paving laid by one contractor is dug up the following week by another one. Some verges in my immediate neighbourhood have been dug up three times.

Come on, Mr Andrews, the City will have to do better than it has done so far, and take responsibility.