Old age home receives winter blankets and socks

The Haven Old Age Homes independent living residents receiving blankets and socks.

The Haven Old Age Home (HOAH) in Woodstock received a boost ahead of winter when it was given blankets and socks by a corporate donor from Table View last Friday May 29.

The donation was made possible by outreach work done by DA proportional representative (PR) councillor Sumaya Taliep, who met with residents of the HOAH who told her that they were getting cold.

Ms Taliep said she made contact with the corporate donor who agreed to donate 40 thick blankets and 56 pairs of thick socks to the 35 independent living pensioners at the home.

“I would like to encourage all local businesses to help the most vulnerable in the
community during this time of the coronavirus pandemic,” she said.

HOAH resident Marina Harris, 70, said she was grateful and for the donations and felt touched by the gesture.

“We appreciate it so much and hope that you will be blessed for caring for us,” she said.