Noah honours its donors

Words of thanks were heaped on Noah’s donors at the organisation’s All Day Corner Café in Woodstock.

The Neighbourhood Old Age Home (Noah) thanked its donors during a function at its All Day Corner Café on Thursday December 7.

“Without their support our projects and our feeding schemes cannot happen so we cherish them because they mean so much to us,” said Noah representative Nicky Jacobs as some 20-odd supporters were served refreshments and canapés.

They also bought some of the craft items sold by the seniors living at Noah.

One donor, Regine le Roux, from the Re.Bag.Re.Use project in Hout Bay that turns waste plastic into shopping bags, said Noah performed an important role in supporting the seniors in the community. “We need to foster the wisdom from our elders, and with our work, every bag we sell, we donate a portion to Noah.”

Jennifer Dippenaar, 73, who has been staying at Noah for nine years, helped to make beach blankets that were sold to the donors on the day.

“I love staying here,” she said.

Another Noah resident, Maureen Phillips, 78, said Noah gave the residents purpose and kept them busy.

To find out more about Noah, visit or call 021 447 6334.

Noah deputy director Anne Dobson is flanked by colleagues Nicky Jacobs and Tani Pratt.
Noah residents, from left, Ilunga Mputu, Mareldia Arnold and Rita Beaunoir sold crafts, jams and sweet treats to the donors.