No patch for pipe

The area in Upper Durban Road, Mowbray plagued by water leaks.

Leaks from a failing municipal water pipe have been plaguing Upper Durban Road, near the bus and taxi terminus, in Mowbray.

Dr Hassan Surve said the pipe had leaked at least three times opposite his practice in Upper Durban Road in the past six months.

“This is the third time almost on the same spot in Upper Durban Road behind the bus terminus that there was a water problem, burst pipe in the road,” he said.

The leaks were an inconvenience as they were in front his patients’ parking area, he said.

“A few weeks ago, the same thing happened; it was fixed, but the patch in the road has had no tarring done to it, to date,” he said.

Mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste Xanthea Limberg said the City had repaired the pipe before.

“The fact that leaks have recurred indicates that the pipe’s condition has deteriorated too much to be effectively ‘patched’,” she said.

Her department recommended replacing the section of the pipe running across Upper Durban Road to prevent further leaks, she said.