No fines for late returns during Book Week

Residents now have the opportunity to return late items without being fined during National Book Week, which runs from Monday September 5 to Friday September 11.

The City’s libraries will offer various events and activities during this time and residents are encouraged to visit their local library to see what is on offer.

National Book Week was established in response to a 2007 study into the book-reading habits of adult South Africans.

While no fines will be levied for items returned during the grace period, fines accrued on previously ret-urned material will have to be paid.

“We know that with today’s fast-paced lifestyles, returning library books is often just one item on a long list of things to do. We want to provide residents with an incentive to bring back forgotten library books,” said Anda Ntsodo, the City’s mayoral committee member for community services.

International Literacy Day will be celebrated on Thursday September 8.