No defence of the caveman

Colin Jooste, Observatory

Never in the history of South Africa and Cape Town, in particular, have we seen such an enormous mobilisation of women.

Across the political, religious, academic and geographic spectrum, women are united in their fight to rid our communities of the evil that denies them their basic human right to a life without fear.

Are we returning to prehistoric times and practices where men could simply grab a woman by their hair and drag them off to a cave?

If the death penalty is needed to stop the abuse of women, then so be it.Imagine all women arming themselves with guns or knives to protect themselves because the government has failed to ensure their safety? Our courts would go into log-jam or consider night court!

Men may very well dominate boardrooms and governments, but this in no way gives them the edge over women. Since time immemorial women were the power behind the throne; this phenomenon will never change.

Behind every successful man there has always been a strong woman.

Women have the power to destroy men and bring down governments, as Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler proved in the 60s in the UK.

Since time immemorial women have brought men into this world – it was never the other way round. Why have men turned on the very women who have reared and nurtured them with so much care anchored in a love that can only be found in the DNA of a woman?