Next round of politics

Councillor Mark R H Kleinschmidt, Kenwyn

During the 2016 local government elections campaign, DA federal Leader Mmusi Maimane used a term which he advised that he had coined from a seasoned politician, namely, “If your opponent is staggering, punch harder,” which I felt was rather brutal and cruel.

In the aftermath of the DA’s victory in securing sought-after metros, which were previously ANC governed, it is the latter which sustained more injury than merely a bloody nose.

The ANC is in intensive care, and the DA has delivered several death blows to the ruling party, emerging as the victor.

President Jacob Zuma was dealt the knockout blow as he stepped up to the podium at the Independent Electoral Commission’s concluding announcement of the election results, when four young women stepped forward holding their damning handwritten placards.

For a moment the audience and viewers may have mistakenly thought their actions were part of the proceedings, but alas, it was not! Their message hit home. Their target – holding a mirror up to the South African nation.

We must fully assimilate during this Women’s Month, that rape and violence against women is a national crisis which must be addressed by all political role-players and civil society.