Newlands film-maker scoops acting award

Weaam Williams

Weaam Williams, of Newlands, has won best actress for her role in the local short film, Two Hues, at the West Europe International Film Festival, in Brussels, Belgium.

The awards ceremony was held virtually on Saturday August 21.

Williams, formerly from District Six, was the director of the award-winning documentary, District Six Rising from the Dust, in 2018, about the wounds of the forced removals in the neighbourhood that was declared a whites-only area under apartheid.

Two Hues is her first acting role. She was also the movie’s co-director, with Dominique Jossie, and writer.

Williams plays the part of Natasha, a woman with bipolar disorder who is navigating the patriarchy in her family and workplace.

“I really enjoyed acting,” says Williams. “It took a lot out of me, and I guess the many years of directing has assisted me to know and understand how to communicate believably with the camera.”

She says she feels honoured to be recognised for her work in the film. “I was encouraged by my husband, Nafia Kocks, to play the part as deep inside as what I really wanted to do,” she says.

Williams says Two Hues has been well received and selected in 10 film festivals around world, including Turkey, India, France and the UK. “ It has received six nominations and four awards,” she says.

Also appearing in the film are Abidah Dixon Mohammed, Adu Adams, Khalil Kathrada, Danielle Comley and Emil van Niekerk.

Williams praised the cast and thanked those behind the scenes. “The many women on set were very supportive and made me feel comfortable and safe,” she says.

Williams says the 16-minute Two Hues is being developed into a full-length feature film for which she plans to reprise her role as the lead character.

The film can be viewed at