New SGB for Livingstone High

Abdurahman Khan explains himself after being informed he was unable to remain on the list of nominees for the SGB as he had previously been removed.

Livingstone High School finally has a new school governing body following a meeting at the school on Tuesday this week.

Last week, the Tatler highlighted parents’ concerns about poor leadership and communication, but the governing body election that had been planned for Tuesday March 20 had to be postponed because of a poor turnout by parents. (“Livingstone parents fed-up,” March 22).

About 50 parents attended this week’s meeting, though, which saw the election of seven committee members: Rughshana Diedericks, Abdul Gamiet Saal, Madimia Karriem, Reyaad Ackerdien, Zulpha Ackerdien, Shaheed Adams and Nicholas Mlotshwa. Mr Saal said the new committee would meet on Wednesday April 11 to elect office bearers and discuss a way forward for the school.

“I think everything went smoothly at the elections, and I am very happy with the way voting went, as voting went in a very democratic way,” he said.

Corporate governance, finances, communication and fund-raising were just some of the issues the new governing body would address.

However, Abdurahman Khan was not happy.

He was blocked from joining the committee despite being nominated at Tuesday’s meeting.

Mr Khan was removed from the governing body last year for a reason it has failed to disclose and one Mr Khan says he battles to understand.

“I have not been disciplined nor have I been officially punished for whatever it was that led to me being removed. It’s against the School Act, but again it shows how things are run here at Livingstone,” Mr Khan said.

When Mr Khan was nominated on Tuesday, the governing body’s outgoing chairman, Riedewaan Bassier, said he could not be nominated again.

The electoral officer then withdrew the nomination and the election continued.

“There are issues here at this school that needs to be addressed,” said Mr Khan. “I have certain expertise that I wanted to share. I still don’t know why is it that I was removed. It is very disappointing not to be elected.”

Livingstone High did not respond to the Tatler’s requests for comment by the time this edition went to print.