Neptune’s 50 Years

Pupils clockwise from left are Caitlin Anstey, Hannah Banks, Tiyler Kriel, Kim Malinowski and Kelly Smith will be performing as the Mermaid on The Wreck in the production Neptunes 50 Years.

Pinehurst Primary School, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, will stage Neptune’s 50 Years from Thursday September 14 to Saturday September 16. A cast of almost 100 pupils and staff will perform in a variety of underwater fishy roles, from “Staff-fish” to a lovelorn octopus. There are also evil spotted grunters and a love potion that inevitably falls into the wrong hands.The play is written, directed and produced by Paula Pursch who has given every child a speaking role and an individual character to portray. Contact the school at 021 531 2783 for details.