Musical magic

Pinehurst pupils performing Little People from Les Misérables.

Pinehurst Primary pupils took part in a small drama presentation on Wednesday September 22 and Thursday September 23. They performed a couple of numbers from the musicals Les Misérables and West Side Story, a Liza Minnelli song and a short play.

Pupils dance to a Liza Minnelli number, Ring Them Bells.
Dancing to the song, Officer Krupke, from West Side Story, from left, are Rabia Mohamed Hoosian, Zenani Paul, Saryana Naicker, Kate Bender, Hanaa Berdien, Jennifer Gibb and Ryan Gibbon.
Performing in a short play, Connsy – The Showdown, from left, are Imraan Razak, Luke Smith, Thanaa Adams, Hannah Mitchell and Trisha Vassen-Bhoobun.