Musical hits the right notes

Dr Ellapen Rapiti, Kenwyn

Marc Lottering has produced an absolute winner with Aunty Merle the Musical.

For a three-hour show, there wasn’t a dull moment. The scene changes were seamless and the issues were addressed brilliantly in a deft and light-hearted manner that only Mark knows how to do.

He was the glue that held the show together. Even though the scene was about a coloured family, the musical has universal appeal.

Everywhere in the world there must be a busybody Aunty Merle.

What District Six was to the 80s, this show will be to 2018 and for decades to come.

The show was brimming with great musical and acting talents and is on par with Broadway musicals. I have no doubt it’s going to be a hit internationally.

What a pity that in this rainbow nation, the audience was mainly coloureds. Theatre is an excellent way to teach the nation about one another’s cultures.

If we don’t learn about one another, how are we going to get along as a nation?

If Porgy and Bess were playing, rest assured, people of all races would flock to see it at a premium, because it is American.

We are nation that does not take pride in celebrating its own talented stars. What a pity that everyone will rave about the show only after it makes a hit overseas and I am pretty sure it will.

If you want a night of laughter – I mean belly laughs – great music and some drama thrown in for good measure, go and see this show when it returns and drop your racial prejudices. You will certainly come out entertained and enlightened.