Monthly horse-drawn beer delivery

Reviving an old tradition, Rafeeq Anthony and Mathan Daniels with Shimba.

If you like your beer with a slice of history then get down to Newlands pubs to enjoy South African Brewery’s monthly visit.

At lunchtime on the first Friday of each month, a pair of horses and a cart leaves the Newlands brewery to follow an historical beer route that would have been trodden by horse hooves back in the 19th century. They deliver fresh Castle Draft in 50-litre kegs to Forries and Barristers and everyone receives a free pint.

It’s a reminder of a time when Newlands was the brewing capital of the country, with many breweries and dozens of pubs.

Brewmaster Marshall Michau says the horses used to pull an original wooden cart, known as a dray, but it was too wide and due to increased traffic from parents collecting pupils from surrounding schools, they now use a smaller one.

He said some drivers are incredibly impatient and rude and riding the route can be dangerous.

Val Abrahamse, Evie Donaldson and Kathy Warner from Simon’s Town have enjoyed the event in the past and remember seeing a horse asleep on its feet.