Moms insist on safety

Ann Moore, Kenilworth

Over the years I have often been “A fly on the wall” so to speak in our public playgrounds, watching the nannies and au pairs interact with their little charges, and it has been delightful to see how they clearly adore them, and how sweetly and carefully they care for them while they think nobody is watching.

I think we have some absolute gems among those who care for our children, and they deserve all our praise.

However, I have also been alarmed at the lack of road safety that I have witnessed, over and over again. Yesterday I saw a Nanny with a pram and a toddler alongside – the toddler pressed the robot button. Then, not waiting for the Green Man, they crossed the road in between the first two cars.

Last week I saw an elderly nanny with three children, one in a pram, and suddenly without warning, the one she wasn’t holding darted out across a busy road alone.

I regularly see nannies pushing prams to the park, down the middle of the road, perhaps because the pavement is uneven. All these incidents had happy endings, but I really urge mothers to insist on road safety when their little ones are sent off on an outing with nanny.