Minis make maths loads of fun

Rustenburg Girls High School maths literacy teacher Tessa Brown and pupils Emma Sacco and Annie Williams show off their mini shopping items.

Rustenburg Girls’ High School’s Maths Literacy teacher, Tessa Brown, developed a fun lesson for her Grade 11 classes where pupils investigated the scales used to reduce the real-life objects in the Checkers’ Mini shop.

Ms Brown said that it was clear that the mini products were all in a similar height range to be able to fit into uniform packaging. The group then compared the ratios between the widths, and heights of each product and their mini’s, and discussed the potential reasons for differences in these proportions.

“We discussed that it is difficult to be completely accurate when measuring by hand, which can produce slight differences in scale. We also observed that the scale would be inconsistent if we did not measure exactly the same product compared to its mini in terms of weight or quantity. As a result we discussed how packaging of the same product in different quantities might not have the same dimensional proportions in order to accommodate a certain volume optimally,” said Ms Brown.