Media freedom

DR E V Rapiti, Kenwyn

It is an absolute puzzle why the authorities and the parliamentary select committee are handling Hlaudi Motsoeneng with kid gloves when he has proven to be an incompetent dictator who is totally clueless about broadcasting.

He had the gall to lie about his qualifications and the temerity to sell off the SABC’s crown jewels, its archives, to MultiChoice for a mere R2 billion, while he, according to reports, received R10 million for the despicable deal. This is fraud.

The courts have ruled that his employment by the SABC is unlawful, and the public protector’s report declared that he was highly unsuitable for his position.

But the man remains steadfastly defiant and clings to his position as if he owns the SABC.

The only reason the SABC exists is because it has no competition.

The SABC has some of the finest reporters and producers. It can return to its former glory and raise to great heights if the entire board is fired and replaced by competent people, with proper qualifications in journalism and people with integrity.

They should not be selected by Parliament but by a panel of credible and experienced retired editors and journalists.

If Parliament does the selection, we might just end up with another Busisiwe Mkhwebane, whom, it seems, is keen to maintain good relations with government, instead of keeping her distance from a place, which she needs to oversee with an independent mind for the benefit of the country.