Marine Drive link bridge to be rehabilitated

The rehabilitation of the Marine Drive link bridge over FW De Klerk Boulevard in Woodstock will start in the next few weeks.

The project, expected to last five months, will replace damaged balustrades and mend other signs of deterioration, the City of Cape Town said in a statement.

Other problems which will be tackled include: coating the sides of the bridge to prevent further chloride ingress; addressing other concrete deterioration; replacing the road surface where necessary; and repairing the soil erosion at the abutments.

“Motorists should please note that a number of roads will be affected during the repair work, including FW De Klerk Boulevard, in Woodstock, and Marine Drive.

“This may affect road users in Paarden Eiland and the Cape Town city centre, given that Marine Drive bridge is the main feeder route across FW De Klerk Boulevard,” said area north mini mayor Suzette Little.

“Given the importance of the link, the substantial traffic flow over the bridge, the repair work cannot be avoided or delayed,” she said.

Ms Little said the City did not foresee any road closures or stop-go systems, but deviations down to two lanes or even one lane might be necessary while the contractor put up gantries, but that would happen during off-peak hours.