Man finds newborn abandoned in Kenilworth

The infant found in a plastic bag.

A man found a newborn baby abandoned in Kenilworth late last year.

He was walking along Thomas Road from Kenilworth to Wynberg train stations on Thursday December 28, at 4.27pm, when he heard a noise coming from the railway-side of the road.

He jumped over a vibracrete wall to investigate and found a black plastic back behind a tree.

Inside the bag was a baby girl, about five days old, wearing a yellow vest and with the umbilical cord attached.

Doctors at Victoria Hospital later confirmed that the baby had been delivered at an unknown medical facility.

Wynberg police spokeswoman, Captain Ntomboxolo Nqunqeka, said enquiries were made in the vicinity where the baby had been found but in vain.

Various medical facilities in the Wynberg area were approached, but the identity of the baby and the mother could not be ascertained.

The matter has been referred to Badisa in Wynberg for assistance in terms of Children’s Court proceedings.

Police have asked the public to help them identify the baby and the child’s mother.

If you have any information, call Detective Warrant Officer Morne Jackson at 021 799 1315 or 082 334 8348.