Making Salt River safer

Working together to reduce crime are, from left, Sergeant George Ontong from Woodstock SAPS, Faldie Isaacs PRO for the Salt River Neighbourhood Watch, Fadiel Salie of the Salt River CPF and Ashraf Gamiet Salt River Neighbourhood Watch member.

Salt River Neighbourhood Watch started with three members in March 2016. Today it has more than 40.

The watch, which was accredited by the Department of Community Safety in November last year, works with Woodstock police and the Salt River Community Police Forum (CPF) to tackle crime in the area.

Ashraf Gamiet has been with the watch since the beginning. “We do patrols on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and we randomly do patrols in the week,” he said.

“We walk around in the area and we drive through the area with a motorcade of five to six vehicles. We have a good relationship with the police.”

The watch uses social media, including a Facebook page and WhatsApp groups.

Sergeant George Ontong, of Woodstock SAPS, says the watch plays a key role in keeping crime in check in the area.

“They are very dedicated and hard-working people. They have their daily jobs and whenever they are called upon after hours, they assist.”

Faldiel Salie, the CPF’s sub-forum chairman, said as an oversight body, the forum visited the Woodstock police station at least six times a month to check that everything was being done by the book.

Resident Gaironeesa Marlie said the watch is very visible in the area.

“If there was anyway that anything happened you will see them move from one place to the next place, and when I am at my sister’s place in the area, we will hear where they are going next,” she said.

Watch spokesman Faldie Isaacs said they held a karaoke once a year to raise funds and there would be one at Blackpool Hall, in Shelley Road, Salt River this Saturday March 24, at 8pm.

Call Fatiema at 061 155 4850 or Mogamat 062 613 5898.