Make your voice heard

Ursula Schenker, Plumstead

With crime rife in all areas, residents should also be mindful of their proximity to crime prevention facilities, for example SAPS Customer Service Centres, schools, clinics, transport services and churches for their own peace of mind as this will affect their monthly budgets.

As the rezoning proposal is meant to pave the way for the development, it is crucial to ensure political congruence (as) it can become a very traumatic factor in hindsight.

With civic members mostly affiliated to a single group, it would benefit the entire community to get involved (as is their right) in the project as deferring would be costly as residents of other such developments have found. As the demarcation of boundaries and its impact also play a pivotal role, hopefully this was also included.

Seeing as the “exemplar project’s” success takes into consideration the objections and proposals of the relevant associations and as the closing date for the public participation process closed on June 5 it is hoped that if a win/ win situation is not achieved further public participation will be invited.