LPR system goes live

Licence Plate recognition cameras that went live in Woodstock and Salt River.

The licence plate recognition (LPR) system for Woodstock and Salt River went live earlier this month.

Ward councillor Dave Bryant says they will gather information on vehicles involved in crime in the area.

“If a suspicious vehicle is identified, all enforcement agencies in the area are immediately notified for direct response,” he said.

The cameras were funded out of the 2019/20 ward allocation budget, with R400 000 spent on installing new LPR cameras in crime hotspots.

The system will work with the Woodstock Improvement District (WID) network and City of Cape Town CCTV network.

Councillor Bryant said: “It is fantastic to see this system up and running in Woodstock and Salt River. LPR is often reserved for communities that can afford to pay for it themselves, and it is important through the use of ward allocation funding that we help ensure that this amazing technology can be used to help fight crime in all areas.”

Woodstock Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairman Youssef Kanouni said the cameras would help greatly in the fight against crime in the community.

“It will help Woodstock police with response time, when the LPR recognises vehicles that were involved in crime in an area,” he said.

WID manager Chris Lloyd
said the cameras would benefit both Woodstock and Salt River
and he thanked Mr Bryant for financing them from the ward allocation.