Livingstone High pupil robbed outside school

Leraar Street near the back entrance of Livingstone High School where a pupil was robbed.

A Livingstone High School pupil was accosted after school last week by three men who stole his cellphone.

According to Claremont police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Marnus Fourie, the 14-year-old boy was at the school’s Leraar Street gate, at about 1pm on Thursday June 17, when a white Nissan Sentra with three men inside pulled up next to him.

“The males approached the pupil and attempted to grab the pupil’s cellphone and the pupil resisted and a struggle ensued,” he said.

The pupil fell on the ground and the muggers took the phone and left, he said.

The school issued a letter referring to an attempted abduction and warning that pupils waiting to be picked up should stay on the school premises and avoid using the Leraar Street gate

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Kerry Mauchline said the pupil had been a victim of a robbery, not an attempted kidnapping.

“The perpetrators allegedly tried to snatch the pupil’s cellphone, but the pupil held on, making it appear to witnesses like they were pulling on the pupil,” she said.

Ms Mauchline urged pupils to remain vigilant at all times.

Lieutenant Colonel Fourie said police were investigating a case of common robbery.

Claremont police are warning all schools in the area to be more vigilant.

“Cellphones are targeted by opportunistic criminals as these pupils walk to and from school, or when they await transport,” said Lieutenant Colonel Fourie.

“The school correctly suggested that vulnerable pupils stay in the safe environment of the school awaiting collection, or that additional security be deployed as a deterrent directly outside the school premises,” he said.

He added: “We strongly discourage food or other parcel deliveries from unnecessarily entering school premises as we received two reported incidents where a delivery company’s uniform and logos were used in gaining access to premises to commit robberies.”

All delivery vehicles should be screened and verified before entering the school premises, he said.

The school did not respond to several requests for comment.