Little Mowbray/Rosebank special levy now in effect

Little Mowbray. Picture: SECRET CAPE TOWN

The special levy necessary to run the newly-established Little Mowbray Rosebank Improvement District (LMRID) has been deducted from residents’ rates accounts as of July 1.

According to a statement rel-eased to the Tatler by the LMRID board, for July, property owners will have received a rates account showing a pro-rata Special Rating Area (SRA) levy which is not for the whole month of July. The invoicing runs from mid-month to mid-month, yet the SRA levy was only implemented on July 1.

“The rates account will itemise the SRA portion as rate ‘x’ (depending on whether the property is a commercial or residential property) times a number of days. The July SRA levy reflected on the July rates accounts generally covers 12 days of the SRA rate (although this period may vary across rates-payers),” the statement said.

“Any queries about the levy should be directed to the City’s liaison, Eddie Scott (eddie.scott”

The six volunteer committee members, Jos Jeffries, Patsy Taylor and Rae Wolpe from Little Mowbray, and Marc Gammon, Lindsay Kennedy and Simon Birch from Rosebank, are now directors of a registered non-profit company.

Once the bank account, VAT registration and other certification issues are complete, the business plan that residents approved when they voted for the SRA will be implemented.It is expected services will start some time between September 1 and October 1.

Property owners who wish to, can now apply to become members of LMRID. The membership application form can be downloaded from the LMRID website ( under the documents section. Members are able to attend annual general meetings and vote on matters pertaining to the ongoing management of the company.

“The initial focus of the LMRID is to appoint a safety service provider to patrol our public spaces, and also to improve channels of communication with residents. Key points about these topics are:

* Communications between LMRID, residents and property owners in the LMRID area are being sent out by the board via Facebook (https://www.facebook .com/littlemowbrayrose banksra/); press releases to local media; neighbourhood newsletters to Mowbray (email a subscription request to to receive this newsletter together with your address details) and to Rosebank (email a subscription request to to receive this newsletter together with your address details); the LMRID website ( This includes an online database of Frequently Asked Questions, which can also be accessed directly via this link /gptpez4

Residents can also email their question to and a response will be added to the database.

The board member presently in charge of the communications portfolio is Rae Wolpe who can be contacted at

* The board, assisted by three volunteers, has distributed requests for proposals to seven security companies to provide safety services for the public spaces in the LMRID area. Three have been short-listed and have been invited to a meeting to discuss variations to their proposals.

Security company ADT has also agreed to cancel the bicycle patrol portion of residents’ monthly debit order themselves from September 1. They have also offered to continue the bicycle patrol, at their expense to cover the transition period irrespective of who is appointed as the security provider.