Laughter the best medicine for Livingstone

The new administrative centre at the school.

There is nothing funny about the maintenance needed at Livingstone High School but come Saturday December 2, it will be laughter that will raise funds for the 90-year-old school.

The school has had some refurbishments and new classrooms were built recently, but there is still more work to do.

Principal Theo Bruinders said the school had eight newly built classrooms, including a music room and two specialist classrooms.

The building at the school began in 2015 and the new classrooms replaced the old prefabricated ones.

The new buildings were handed over last year, coinciding with the school’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

The second phase of building began in the second half of 2016 and saw the long-overdue refurbishment of the administrative offices.

“The old school staffroom which was situated in the old ‘farm house’ building was also refurbished,” he said.

This phase of building was completed and handed over to the school in August.

“The staff of Livingstone High School are now settled into their new staff room and administrative centre,” Mr Bruinders added.

However, more needs to be done at the school. Cameras are needed, along with smoke detectors. The school hall requires a coat of paint, a new sound system, a lighting control kit and some some learning aids.

“The upgrades to the school would enhance the facility as a place of learning, student monitoring will become more functional and the school facility will become a safer zone for pupils,” Mr Bruinders said.

The school has roped in the likes of KG Mogadi, Yaaseen Barnes, Dalin Oliver and Angel Campey to perform in Livingstone High’s Comedy Night, taking place in the school hall on Saturday December 2, at 8.30pm. Tickets cost R100. To book, call the school on 021 671 5986 or Mia on 082 335 5337 or Rugshana on 083 442 9719. Refreshments will be on sale.