Land reform issue debated

Andre du Toit with members of the Helen Keller Societys debating group.

Andre du Toit, better known as The Big Positive Guy, spoke to members of the Helen Keller Society’s debating group on the issue of land reform, last Friday.

Mr Du Toit, who has a Sunday radio slot on SmileFM, is best known for spreading positive news wherever he goes.

He encouraged the members not to panic but instead focus on the facts around land reform.

He said it was natural for people to be fearful, especially when phrases such as “land expropriation without compensation” were thrown around. “People started to panic, some even sold their businesses and their homes out of fear,” he said.

Mr Du Toit, however, said land reform was needed in South Africa to not only correct some of the past injustices but to help improve the country’s growth domestic product (GDP) and get more South Africans paying tax.

“We are sitting in an unjust situation where many people are living on the outskirts and far away from their work.

“Black people have traditionally not owned land in the way white people had,” he said. “There is a lot being said on the topic, but we need to keep our wits and not believe everything we are told,” he said.