Lady of hope visits the Black River

The art installation in the Black River was made to inspire South Africans

Standing in full splendor, adorned in gold, it is now the lady of the Black River who is capturing everyone’s attention as she stands isolated in the river running along the M5, close to Pinelands, Rondebosch and Mowbray.

She occupies the waters once carrying other drifters including the form of the grim reaper.

And this time artist Fred du Preez says that she is here to inspire hope among South Africans.

The art installation created by Mr Du Preez, with Ingonyama Productions, follows the others which have previously appeared in the river, including the two dark figures on a boat and the blue lady who was seen wearing graduation gear during the 2016 #Feesmustfall movement.

Mr Du Preez has been installing artwork in the river for the past six years.

His initial aim was to highlight the polluted state the river was in.

“The first one or two (installations) were very sinister and people gave them names such as the grim reaper. The state of the river then was bad. Since I have been putting them up, the City has been cleaning up the river,” said Mr Du Preez.

“This time the work is simply a good image grounded in water. She is called Hope and she is holding the South African flag in her hand. Once things in South Africa come right, she will fly her flag.”

“The meaning is very simple, there are no huge connotations. There is hope and people should put their hope into action and action will bring hope,” said Mr Du Preez.

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