Kenilworth non-profit helping the needy

Members of I Deserve It, a non-profit organisation based in Kenilworth.

A Kenilworth non-profit organisation runs outreach campaigns to help the needy and vulnerable in the community.

The organisation, I Deserve It, specialises in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find their feet (“Centre a platform for start-up businesses,” Southern Suburbs Tatler, August 22, 2019), but it also runs several other projects helping those in need.

It supports Muslim families that struggle financially to bury their loved ones and provides the supplies used by the person who performs the ghusl, or ceremonial washing of the deceased.

“This person that performs ghusl comes with no items, and the families must provide it, which, in most cases, the families can’t,” says I Deserve It director Amiena Pastor.

The organisation is collecting big rolls of cotton wool, sunlight soap bars, essential oils, aprons, incense sticks, white linen, white scarves, white handkerchiefs, white towels and pins.

It also collects soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and nappies for old-age homes and orphanages and sanitary pads for young women who can’t afford them.

Faldelah Gallow, who runs a feeding scheme in Tafelsig, says the toiletry drive helps when they serve the elderly.

“They also provide support towards our feeding scheme. They are doing a great job, and they have been supporting us constantly.”

The organisation collects Qur’ans, stationery, whiteboards and markers, and prayer mats for madressas.

“It is mind blowing that I Deserve It can support me. They make it easy for us,” says Mogamat Felton, who runs a madrassa from his home in Bridgetown.

New volunteers are meeting at the organisation’s premises, at 77 Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, on Saturday November 27. Visit, WhatsApp 065 919 9097 or email for more information.

The organisation collects Qur’ans, stationery, whiteboards and markers, and prayer mats that it donates to madressas