Keep an eye on our kids

Mark Kleinschmidt, Ward 60 councillor

The level 3 lockdown with its associated “relaxing” of regulations is welcomed, especially to ignite the SA economy and the resumption of work opportunities to generate incomes to households.

With the aforesaid lockdown in mind came the sale of liquor with long queues at liquor outlets and jubilation on social media platforms. But we must not forget the scourge of the “dop system”, which enslaved farmworkers during the apartheid regime, and currently the abuse of alcohol resulting in a major societal challenge contributing to gender-based violence, domestic violence, child abuse and interpersonal violent crimes.

And so, as we rush to raise our glasses to say, “cheers” with our favourite beverage in hand, remember empathetically the abuse that alcohol has on the thousands of families, the carnage caused by drunk driving, and the subsequent trauma caused by the abuse of the tipple.

With this week being National Child Protection Week, society needs to heed the negative effects of the abuse of alcohol on family life, and take care of our children, not just this week, but 365 days a year.

Ward 60 includes Lansdowne, Rondebosch East, parts of Athlone, parts of Crawford, Mowbray (Mowbray Golf Club) and Sybrand Park.