Iftar brings community together

Hundreds of Kenwyn residents attended the community iftar held outside the Waterloo Road Mosque.

Hundreds of Muslims joined people of other faiths as they broke their fast during a community iftar in Kenwyn on Saturday.

The gathering outside the Waterloo Road Mosque, on the corner of Blanken and Waterloo roads, was organised by members of the Waterloo Road Mosque and the Kenwyn Islamic Society while the Kenwyn Neighbourhood Watch provided security.

Many of the meals were arranged by members of the Kenwyn community.

“This event creates a warmness and togetherness in our community,” said Moulana Farouk Rylands, from the Waterloo Road Mosque.

He said they hoped to make it an annual event “to show what humanity is all about”.

Khaliq Dollie, a member of the mosque, said it was an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to “meet neighbours and break bread together”.

Kenwyn resident Rugaya Essa said: “There is no exclusion, everyone is welcome and in Kenwyn we are one big family.”

Ward councillor Mark Kleinschmidt said: “The unity is fantastic. We are living in a multicultural society; it’s important to show compassion for our friends who are fasting during Ramadaan, this is a tool to bring the community together.”

Kenwyn Islamic Society spokesman Abduraghman Jacobs said the iftar was a way to build good relations among all residents. “The support shows the willingness of everyone to pitch in to do good. In the busy times we live in, neighbours often don’t know each other, the mass iftar was a perfect opportunity to say hello and share a meal.”

Achmat and Aleweya Abarder, from Kenwyn, enjoyed the community iftar.
Preparing the meals, from left, are Roshan Toefy, Nihaal Ismail, Farah Jacobs and Faseegah Samuels.
Ward councillor, Mark Kleinschmidt with, from left, Janis Paulsen, Julie Africa and Patricia Paulsen.
Many of the meals for the iftar were arranged by members of the Kenwyn community.