Hot spots in Rondebosch

Rondebosch police spokesman Warrant Officer Lyndon Sisam has warned residents to be vigilant when walking around in the area close to Rouwkoop Road subway; Belmont Road; Park Road and the Lower Nursery Road subway in Rosebank which has been identified as hot spots for robberies.

On Thursday March 30, at 1.30pm, a 20-year-old man was robbed while walking into the subway at Rouwkoop Road by two men who took his laptop, Samsung S6 Edge cellphone and his bag, before running away.

On Friday March 24, around the same time, a 35-year-old woman walking down Lower Nursery Road was approached by two men, aged between 20 and 30 years old, who threatened her at knifepoint, demanding her belongings. They grabbed her iPhone out of her hand and ran away.

On Friday April 7 at 2am, police were patrolling on Kipper Road in Newlands when they spotted a motorbike whose occupants were behaving suspiciously, looking back at the police vehicle while they were driving. The officers stopped the driver and discovered that both occupants were in possession of a screwdriver.

The two occupants could not justify why they were concealing the screwdrivers on them and while searching the bike riders, drugs and a tik lolly were found on one of them. Both were arrested and charged for being in possession of car or housebreaking implements and a second charge was filed against the second suspect for being in possession of drugs.

On Friday March 31, at 11.50pm, SAPS observed a vehicle swerving from side to side down the Main Road in Rondebosch. They manage to pull the vehicle over and discovered that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and detained at Rondebosch police station and charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence.

On Tuesday March 28, at 11.30pm, SAPS was briefed to monitor UCT and was patrolling Ring Road when they noticed a brown VW Golf with four occupants who were behaving suspiciously.

The occupants were not students and could not give any reason as to why they were on campus.They were searched and found to be hiding housebreaking implements.

They were arrested and detained at Rondebosch police station and charged with being in possession of housebreaking implements.