Hospital launches safety simulator

The phlebotomy simulation demonstration was performed by Dr Marisha Meyer and Alex Buckton from BD medical technology firm.

Working in a hospital is not without its hazards, and the safety simulation ward that opened at Groote Schuur Hospital on Monday will help health-care workers better protect themselves from them.

The facility is a collaboration by the hospital, UCT and medical technology firm BD (Beckton Dickinson).

The media was taken on the tour of the facility to see how the simulation equipment works, and BD’s medical affairs manager Dr Marisha Meyer performed a simulation phlebotomy (drawing blood from a vein) on a dummy arm.

Dr Zolelwa Sifumba gave a briefing on TB awareness. She overcame TB herself in 2014.

Infection, prevention and control (IPC) was one of the main themes of the day, and IPC nurse Visa Morris spoke about the importance of staff following basic hygiene protocols.

The cardiac arrest simulation gave a startlingly vivid depiction of the sort of real-life stresses health-care workers face in such a case

“We are excited to include Groote Schuur Hospital’s managers, nurses, doctors, rehabilitation, cleaning and other support staff in the development, implementation and evaluation of a safety curriculum,” said Dr Rachel Weiss, director of the UCT Clinical Skills Centre.

Milah Govender, Groote Schuur’s head of quality assurance, said the centre would help not only UCT students but also staff.

Registered nurse Dhelia van Kesteren said: “I think it is a excellent idea and the nurses can make more use of a facility like this to gain experience and confidence when it comes to saving a patient’s life.”

Fifth-year medical student Laeeqa Allie said the centre would help to bridge the gap between practice and theory.

“It is nice to have a facility like this without the intensity of being in the hospital and ward.”

Fellow fifth-year Ruan Spies agreed.

“It is very helpful in practising our skills and the more we develop them, the better our skills will be,” he said.

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