Holistic healing and hearing animals ‘speak’ at open day

Thornton residents Beena Surujal and Swastika Surujlal- Naicker said that the talks hosted at the School of Intuition and Healing were enlightening.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Well, according to holistic vet Debbie Caknis, we can communicate with our animals if we keep an open mind and are willing to accept that we’re all connected telepathically.

Ms Caknis has a diploma in metaphysics and is a reiki master who is also qualified in animal communication and corporate mentoring.

She discovered her ability to connect telepathically while working with babies as an ICU nurse.

“I worked as a nurse for 27 years and specialised in assisting babies in ICU. I was aware that there was messaging, but it’s not okay to think that way in that environment. I studied alternative communication, now I’m in awe of the fact that animals speak to us,” she said.

“I am prepared to share that communication.”

Ms Caknis claims she is not only able to communicate with animals that are brought to her but also with those whose pictures she sees.

Animals communicated with her using a range of senses, and could use words, pictures and song, she said.

An animal could give her a song to communicate its feelings about something and even pick up slang used by its owners.

“Once I asked a dog if it’s ready to be euthanised, and he said, ‘No way, Jose.’ I told the owner, and they laughed and said that they and their friends use the term. The dog picked the term up from humans.

“Earlier today, I was asking an animal whether it’s ready to be euthanised, and the dog sang a song, ‘My bags are packed, I’m ready to go’.”

Ms Caknis was among other psychic healers who were at an open day held recently at the School of Intuition and Healing, in Rondebosch.

“We work alongside medics. It is not medical at all. We work with blocks in people’s energies. We run days like today so that people can taste (what is out there) and students get to practice,” said the school’s director, Cindy Holmes. The school has various “energy-healing” courses. Visit http://intuitionandhealing.co.za to find out more.