heritage sep27

rt nws heritage sep27

cn rt heritage 1: SACS pupils Thomas Roones, Sam Lenihan and Caelen Bright accepting a certificate for their school being the oldest in the Newlands, Kenilworth, Claremont area.

cn rt heritage 2: Gold Fields Environmental Education Centre above the main carpark in Kirstenbosch was founded in 1923. Pictured are teachers Veronica Davids, Nazeerah van Niekerk, Almuth Delius and Sally Hey.

cn rt heritage 3H: Merriment and mirth as Zak Kennedy of SACS Junior School enacted a skit on Captain Hook, with crocodile, aka Josh Anderson.

cn rt heritage 3V: Merriment and mirth as Captain Hook, aka Zak Kennedy of SACS Junior School, entertained everyone with a humurous skit.

cn rt heritage 4a or 4b: Western Cape junior magic championship winner 2018, from the School of Magic in Claremont and Bergvliet High, entertained pupils, teachers, principals at the event.

The Centre for Conservation Education in Wynberg recently hosted a Schools Heritage Celebration giving recognition to the Cape Peninsula rich educational heritage.

Every year in September, Heritage Month, the Centre for Conservation Education concentrates on a different geographical area to celebrate those schools’ histories and heritage. This year wa the turn of the schools in Claremont, Newlands and Kenilworth. The history of the schools was told through a PowerPoint presentation, starting with the youngest school and ending with the oldest school in this area.