Helping hand for parents battling school costs

District Six Civic Association chairwoman Asa Salie

Parents battling to scrape together the money to pay for their children’s school registration fees have been helped by a District Six civic group and a Gardens woman.

Asa Salie, chairwoman of the District Six Civic Association (D6CA), says a neighbour asked her for help earlier this month. The woman’s granddaughter was starting Grade 8 and she couldn’t afford the deposit at the high school.

“Since the pandemic, the family had to depend on the pension of the grandfather due to the granny being unemployed and this put strain on them because they wanted her to attend a high school near to home,” she says.

Ms Salie put a post on the community WhatsApp group. Meanwhile another neighbour needed help paying her Grade 9 daughter’s school registration fee.

Tanya Golding, from Gardens, offered to help, agreeing to cover the girls’ registration fees, school fees and stationery. She asked the girls to write essays on what they can do to improve the environment and their community.

“If they do well and pass, we will review them and their results and will assist them further in their schooling career,” she says.

Ms Golding is busy forming a foundation, the Florence Golding Fund, to help schoolchildren in need.

Ms Salie says parents who have lost their jobs because of Covid-19 and the lockdown are finding it hard to pay school costs and the civic group would like to help them. Call Ms Salie at 072 623 5678 for more information.