Help raise funds for new church hall

Roger Prideaux outside St Andrews Anglican Church in Newlands.

Plans are in motion to add a new, multi-purpose hall to St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Newlands.

Architecture luminary Herbert Baker’s first ever church, St Andrew’s, is as relevant to the community today as it was when the first stone was laid 120 years ago. However, according to warden and former England cricketer, Roger Prideaux, a need has arisen for a new space that will be able to cater solely to the church and its activities.

“We have always shared a hall with Kildare Pre-Primary, but over the years it has become very run-down. During term time, it is also very difficult to organise events around the children’s schedule. This is why we need our own dedicated hall so we can hold coffee mornings, create a safe space for teens and include a library filled with resources,” he said.

It is estimated the project will cost R10 million – R3 million of which has already been raised.

“Of that, R1.5 million will go towards the school. The lease has ended, but the parishioners feel the school needs to remain. Many of them attended Kildare Pre-Primary as children. The development that will occur on the property will also raise the standard of the school,” Mr Prideaux said. To this end, St Andrew’s committee and parishioners are appealing to the public to raise funds for the new hall, and have come up with several options for these purposes:

* Make a contribution (online via GivenGain/EFT). St Andrew’s has a profile on the online giving platform GivenGain. Here you and your family can make secure online payments using your credit card. It is safe, easy and quick to donate. Alternatively, you can make a direct deposit to the St Andrew’s bank account

* Host a fund-raising event – hosting your own unique fund-raising event is a fun way to involve your friends, family and colleagues. You may host a tea party or ask your friends to donate instead of buying birthday presents.

* Purchase a R5 000 sandstone block. Leave a physical legacy by buying a sandstone block that will form part of the commemorative wall. It is an edifying way to acknowledge the past and show your commitment to the future.

* Provide an interest free or low-interest loan – interest-free or low-interest loans are a helpful to way to make a meaningful contribution without loss of capital.

* Make St Andrew’s building project part of your bequest. For a variety of reasons, we’re often not able to give as generously during our lives as we might like to. Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to support the work of St Andrew’s after you have gone. By leaving a percentage of your estate to the church you will have a positive influence for many generations.

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